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Customer service is available 8am – 7pm, Monday through Saturday. To open a service ticket at any time, email To speak to a technician, Texas customers can call (409) 216-0888; Colorado customers can call (970) 254-1477. You can also text a detailed description of the issue to (409) 216-0989.

You might have more connected devices than you think! Any device that connects to your WiFi counts as a device, and can include a number of machines such as your Phone, Tablet, Computer, Headphones, Watch, Speaker, Gaming system, TV, Streaming box, Smart toys, Doorbell, Thermostat, etc.

If you are not able to connect to the internet, please try unplugging power as indicated below

ElektraFi access point 

White LED light means the internet is connected.

Red LED on top indicates an internet connection problem,  pull the power as shown for 30 seconds then reconnect,  if it does not turn white within 3 minutes, contact technical support.


If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Multiple power unplugs should not be needed for a reset.  If one or two of these appears needed, please contact technical support as this means something else may be a problem.

A DPA (Dynamic Priority Adjustment) event takes place when equipment used by a higher-priority user of the CBRS spectrum, such as US Military RADAR, determines it needs other lower priority user’s equipment to stop broadcasting temporarily. In other words: in emergency situations (such as wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters), government communication takes priority, and as a result, your service can degredate or temporarily go down. These DPA events are dictated by the government, and as such are outside the bounds of our control and only occur in emergency situations.

  1. Locate your indoor router, this may be a black box with 2 antennas or it may be a round white cylinder with a light in top.
  2. Follow the wire that looks like a phone cord but larger from the back of the router to a power brick on the floor.
  3. Unplug that power brick from the wall and wait for the green light to go completely off.
  4. Once the light is completely off plug that power brick back into the wall.
  5. Wait about 7 – 10 minutes after plugging in the power brick to test your connection.
  6. If after 10 minutes you still do not have service call the office at 409.216.0888

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