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The notation of 50/10 is a measure of internet bandwidth – think of it as a speed limit. 50 megabits download and 10 megabits upload. What can you do with 50 Mbps down? You can stream and browse the internet to your heart’s delight. 10 Mbps upload allows remote learning and video based meetings. How to use ElektraFi internet Dig deeper.

Speeds are tested and guaranteed to the ethernet wired interface of the access point. WIFI signals vary with distance and environment.

  • Our technology is much less dependent on weather conditions and is tower-based.  During the hurricanes of 2020, our customers were able to stream in the eye of the storms.

  • We do not have the rainstorm issues like satellites that can be interrupted by weather events.


We are on-planet terrestrial based – we are not impacted by Space weather like the off planet satellite systems.

Yes, with 50 Mbps (or 100/20 or 200/40)

You will be able to comfortably stream all your favorite movies, remote learning, and virtual conferencing platforms.

There are no safety or health-related issues with the technology employed in our network. If you are comfortable with electric razors, cell phones, and microwave ovens, then our equipment has less RF impact than these common technologies. 

Links to FCC RF health safety information

By email, website notices.  It is important for customers to check email at least once a day for updates.

We can check your eligibility by checking your address in our coverage checker at

Elektrafi’s Internet Service is unlimited usage! 

No Data Caps!

We do reserve the right to restrict or block abusive or illegal activity.

  • Warranty is for failures unrelated to lightning or damage
  • Warranty is for the first year only
  • EFI is not responsible for hardware out of the warranty period
  • EFI will assist in diagnosing the problem and/or assisting with a replacement 
  • If the customer does cancel in the first 30 days, then the $75 will be refunded and the hardware will need to be returned in working condition.

Data is collected about the Equipment performance, usage, and integrity of our network operations, no data is collected about any of the users of our network.

  • Yes! Indoor Installation is self-installation and Elektrafi will provide detailed installation instructions and offer support for questions and/or issues.  Indoor equipment will need to be located in a window facing the tower – which we will provide the direction for.
  • You must be qualified for install by our expert installers to a signal package at the time of installation.  
  • Standard install –  one of our professional installation teams will install an antenna and circuit box, which we call customer premises equipment (“CPE”), at your site, and point the antenna to one of our towers. From the CPE, we run the cable into your home or business and connect it to an Ethernet port in your computer or in the router on your internal network.  
  • Non Standard install may involve extra cost and fees that are explained during the installation job.  Customer review and approval will be done prior to installation completion if these are needed.

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