We do not use cellular networks, satellites, or cable.
ElektraFi is built with new fixed wireless technology!

Our network is fundamentally built different! We will never oversubscribe our network unlike the other guys. Brand new carrier grade technology built for rural America.

Low-Latency Gaming

We built our network to be the best in gaming! VR, PC, Console, iPad, whatever you're on! It'll work with very low ping.

No Hidden Fees!

This is our company motto. What you see is what you pay. It's about time an internet company stopped feeing you to death!

No Data Caps

There are no Data Caps. We believe you should receive all the internet at the speed you want.

30-Day Money Back

if you don’t like it, send it back within 30 days of install and get your money back! No questions asked!

Month To Month

No contracts! Cancel anytime!

No Throttling

ElektraFi will never throttle your connection in any way.

Wall to Wall WiFi

Get strong internet all over your house!

Streaming Video

Watch whatever you want, whenever you want, with your whole family online at the same time! No more buffering!

Please choose your ElektraFi location.

ElektraFi Texas

Serving deep east Texas from our office in Buna, TX.

ElektraFi Colorado

Serving north east Colorado from our office in Yuma, CO.

Your voice helps us decide where to go next, secure grant funding, and build faster internet. Please provide as much information as you feel willing to share. Everything helps.

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